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Live in Sync with Nature

Project Background

Emami is one of the country’s largest and oldest business conglomerates operating several different verticals. Emami Reality, the real estate arm of the conglomerate is know for its ethical and sustainably approach to design and building.

The project was the group’s flagship project for Northern India, offering a variety of options from plots to pre-built villas, all part of a masterfully planned township full of gardens, parks, nature trails and clubhouses.


We zeroed in on the theme of ‘Nature’ for the EC. A lot of wooden elements, green installations embellished the core thought behind the vision. Artful acrylic installations was used to spell out the brand’s messaging.

The EC started with a welcome zone, with a back panel of leaves shaped using CNC cutting and bird lights hanging over. The showcase the advantage of the neighbourhood, we made innovative use of the waiting area, leading then to the credibility zone. The credibility zone was anchored by a tree like structure extending from the floor to the roof, with the project’s story exhibited on it.

The AV room carried a large projection screen. But the scarcity of space, owing to the project’s literal footprint, made it a challenge to house the large scale model. To solve this we decided to pin it to the wall, and instead installed a touch screen on a wooden log, to help browse through the features. It was an inspired application of limited space.

The transaction area had the partner names embossed on tree barks, hung from the ceiling and could cater to several groups of people at the same time. The biggest challenge in creating this centre was the fact that it was put together during the early COVID period. With unpredictable lockdowns, unanticipated travel restrictions and a scarcity of manpower, we still managed to complete the project within 4 months before handing it over. The centre is still operational and continues to help the sales team convert inventory that is still available owing to the project’s large scale. Based on the success of this particular deliverable, Emami offered us another EC based in Kolkata, around a unique property called Emami Aastha. We delivered the same in early 2023.

Emami Realty
Jhansi, India
3000 sq. ft.
Completed (2020)

We zeroed in on the theme of ‘Nature’ for the centre. A lot of wooden elements, green installations embellished the core thought behind the vision.

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